35th Anniversary

In 2012 C.A.C. International celebrated its 35th Anniversary! Born from a group of quebecois consultants, trainers, and facilitators, C.A.C. International offered professional services to federal, provincial, and municipal government and NGO’s. C.A.C. International built a solid reputation in international development as experts in the performance review of results and processes. The firm’s experience included a financial review and audit arm. It was major shareholder in the successful Groupe Consiel that implemented the following CIDA-funded overseas development programs: Formation des maitres, Haiti, 2003-2008; Scholarisation des filles, Niger, 2000-2005; Local Federation, with UPA, Guinea, 2003-2010; Appui aux elus locaux, Senegal, 2000-2008; and PAPA la programme d’appui d’alphabetisation, with Oxfam, Senegal.

C.A.C. International is accustomed to DAC and Canadian Treasury Board norms. Its members have undertaken mandates for international governments, multilateral agencies, foundations, NGO’s and the private sector. Over the last ten years C.A.C. International has held three successive Agency-wide Standing Offers for performance reporting, monitoring and evaluation with CIDA. Individual senior members also hold a variety of standing offers for evaluation with individual CIDA programs.

Looking ahead C.A.C. International prioritizes maintaining long-standing and productive relationships with its partners and networks and contributing to excellence within international development.

About Us / Guiding Principles

Going well beyond technical assistance, the development process is based on four major principles that promote the harmonization of capacity building :

1. Gender Equity

Development must benefit all members of society. We actively promote the full participation of men and women in the development process, and their equal access to its benefits.

2. Emphasis on Human Resources

The development of human resources plays a crucial role in strengthening institutions and works to ensure the success of programs and projects in target countries. As a result, we spare no effort to train and provide technical assistance to human resources in order to ensure their increased autonomy.

3. Respect for Human Rights

The respect for human rights is an essential condition for sustainable development. C.A.C. International's approach to fieldwork and training programs makes it a recognized leader in this field.

4. Effective Intercultural Action

C.A.C. International's many years of experience in a wide variety of milieu have taught us how to bridge the gap between different cultures. We are constantly applying the knowledge we have acquired, both in developing countries and within Canada's own intercultural community. Respect for cultural difference is a guiding principle in all of our activities.