35th Anniversary

In 2012 C.A.C. International celebrated its 35th Anniversary! Born from a group of quebecois consultants, trainers, and facilitators, C.A.C. International offered professional services to federal, provincial, and municipal government and NGO’s. C.A.C. International built a solid reputation in international development as experts in the performance review of results and processes. The firm’s experience included a financial review and audit arm. It was major shareholder in the successful Groupe Consiel that implemented the following CIDA-funded overseas development programs: Formation des maitres, Haiti, 2003-2008; Scholarisation des filles, Niger, 2000-2005; Local Federation, with UPA, Guinea, 2003-2010; Appui aux elus locaux, Senegal, 2000-2008; and PAPA la programme d’appui d’alphabetisation, with Oxfam, Senegal.

C.A.C. International is accustomed to DAC and Canadian Treasury Board norms. Its members have undertaken mandates for international governments, multilateral agencies, foundations, NGO’s and the private sector. Over the last ten years C.A.C. International has held three successive Agency-wide Standing Offers for performance reporting, monitoring and evaluation with CIDA. Individual senior members also hold a variety of standing offers for evaluation with individual CIDA programs.

Looking ahead C.A.C. International prioritizes maintaining long-standing and productive relationships with its partners and networks and contributing to excellence within international development.

About Us / Comprehensive Approach


C.A.C. International’s general approach to consultation, including performance review and evaluation, is results-oriented and client-centered. We satisfy mandates maintaining a firm commitment:

     • to generate reliable information through the use of both tested and innovative data collection strategies, methods and tools;

     • to understand complex processes and issues through evidence-based analysis; and

     • to provide coherent responses to the client’s key questions through the synthesis of findings and conclusions into action-oriented recommendations and applicable lessons learned.

Beyond this general approach, C.A.C. International systematically incorporates a number of other principles, such as participation, appreciative inquiry, and change management, into its consultative mandates.


C.A.C. International's vision is based on a conviction that the successful implementation of any development initiative depends on the participation of all stakeholders and the reconciliation of diverging interests. A participatory approach ensures that stakeholders are active participants in the process, and not simply sources of information. Our team uses participatory tools and methods to engage meaningful participation of key stakeholders (partners, beneficiaries, and other interested parties) at appropriate moments through all stages of the consultative process. Systematically applied, the participatory approach helps build stakeholder capacity for analysis and problem solving, buy-in, and a unified commitment to implementing recommendations.

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative inquiry is intended to generate understanding of processes and results – and the links between them – to improve performance (be it efficiency, effectiveness, impact or other elements). It values stakeholders’ experiences and perspectives as a means, particularly relevant during qualitative data collection, of unlocking creative and insightful thinking about a program’s processes and successes.

Change Management

Our team will conduct each aspect of its mandate with an eye to enable and empower stakeholders to translate recommendations and lessons into practical and concrete actions to improve program performance. From our experience, a successful change management approach that includes stakeholder validation of analysis and forward-thinking recommendations is the essential link between evaluation and improved results.

Quality Control

C.A.C. International’s quality control mechanisms assure that every product that carries the firm’s name is verified for the quality of its visual presentation and written expression (whether in French or English). C.A.C. International’s Executive Committee oversees the progress of each mandate, with regular reporting from the account executive on progress and relationships with the client.

C.A.C. International holds a Government of Canada security clearance at the level of Protected B, with most of our senior members possessing Secret Level security clearance. This is one indicator that the firm is recognized for its capacity to treat with utmost confidentiality the personal information that is so central to assessments of impact in the lives of human beings.

Finally, there is no better indicator of C.A.C. International’s ability to discharge superior level quality of service than the succession of mandates conferred on us by our important clients. Over the past nine years C.A.C. International has held three successive Standing Offers in performance evaluation with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).